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Animal rescue and Shelter Pets are both subjects close to my heart. Over the years I have been a rescuer, a foster, an adopter and found my Shih Tzu Kate living in a shelter as a senior dog (8 years old) that was HW positive and virtually had no chance of finding a home. The day we drove 5 hours to meet her our lives changed forever. She has brought us so much happiness that we cannot ever imagine our lives without her. She is the joy in our hearts and keeps us smiling everyday. We brought her home, got her healthy and in return she has made our lives so much more rich with love and happiness. We truly believe that if you adopt a senior that you will know love you never knew you had inside and you will be blessed with a family member that is one of the brightest lights of your life.

Our precious Kate!

 Photographing homeless pets is one of the most rewarding activities that I have been involved with as a photographer. I have worked with several shelter and rescue organizations over the past several years and have met uncountable beautiful pets that need a loving home. I volunteer my time to capture images that hopefully will help these pets find a loving home. A few of these images are posted below-most have been adopted but a few are still waiting. If you love these images please share or comment!





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